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Benefiting the Anna Seethaler Hospital for the poor in Oaxaca Mexico.

Celebrating 10 Years

Dear friends and supporters of the Ole5K,
During 2018 I will celebrate three special events.
1. The 10th Anniversary of the Ole5K which is a major fund-raiser for The Anna Seethaler Hospital.
2. The 20th Anniversary of my first visit to Oaxaca, Mexico. A visit that changed my life as well as the lives of thousands of poor and sick people, and if I dare say, the lives of many of my supporters.
3. My 75th Birthday

I could go on and on about the big and little miracles which have occurred because of your generosity, but for now I would like to invite you to once again register for the Ole5K and JOIN ME AT THE FIESTA!
I look forward to celebrating with you,
Father Scott

Thank you to our doble platino level sponsors


Debra & Carl Samuel
SJN Daily Mass Crowd