The Anna Seethaler Hospital

In November of 1999, Fr. Scott visited some friends who were working with the poor in Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is both the name of the state and its capital. The capital is 320 miles southeast of Mexico City. Oaxaca is the third poorest state in the country, with a large indigenous population. During his visit, it became very apparent that there was a need for quality healthcare for the poor. Although Mexico is a socialist country, only a small percentage of the poor have any opportunity to receive adequate healthcare. On the final day of his visit, he committed himself to building a medical clinic to serve the poor who were coming in large numbers to the capital with the dream of making a better life for themselves.

It took one year to buy, remodel and equip a building to serve first as a clinic and later as a hospital. Fr. Scott was able to finance the project with the help of many generous benefactors.

The clinic was opened in November of 2000. Between 2000 and 2005, the clinic continued to expand. It is now a full service hospital named after Fr. Scott’s mother who was a great inspiration in his life. It is the only hospital/clinic in Oaxaca that supplies a place for the families of the patients to stay while they are being treated. Some of the patients travel six hours to come to the hospital to receive both quality care and compassionate attention.

The hospital/clinic serves about 2,300 patients a month. During any given year, the hospital will treat as many as 300 patients who are so poor that they are unable to pay a peso for their treatment. Because of this, the hospital can only pay its bills through the continual generosity of benefactors. Fr. Scott has established a non-profit organization (TASH, Inc) in the United States to receive donations. It is a 501C(3) organization which allows donations to be tax deductible.

In the midst of great poverty, The Anna Seethaler Hospital offers hope and healing to many poor people. It is one small way that God hears the cry of the poor and answers their prayers.

Our Mission

Provide complete health services with quality and warmth in a communitarian dimension to people with scarce economic resources, in order to contribute to the enhancing of their quality of life.

Our Vision

We aim to be an institution with an integrated healthcare model that is economically sustainable and acts as a reference point for community health services, as well as for public and private health institutions.

Services Provided at Clinica Hospital Del Pueblo Anna Seethaler

The substantial difference provided by the Clinic: Although a variety of private health alternatives exist in Oaxaca, since its creation in 2000, the Clínica Hospital del Pueblo was defined as, and understood to be, a social project that would benefit Oaxaca’s most vulnerable population. The Clinic staff serves the community in accordance with established values and principles, all of which evolve around a deep sense of solidarity, responsibility and social justice; the clinic staff is committed to offering services below the following standards:

Quality of services: In strategic stages the clinic has been incorporating new health and medical services that are applied below the quality standards required by this institution, and at the same time diversifying those services.

Quality and warmth of attention:A patient-centered approach is employed with an emphasis on humane treatment, warmth and according to individual means. Medical attention is provided to every patient regardless of his or her social or economic status, gender, type of illness, ethnicity or sexual preference.

Not-for-profit attention: The Clinica del Pueblo may have the economic conditions which enable potential self-sustainability, yet its members-are aware of the social role of  the clinic and therefore patients pay for health and medical services according to their economic means and possibilities. A social study allows clinic staff to determine each individual patient’s economic situation, insuring that all services are accessible. According to the possibilities of the clinic, patients are never refused medical and health services.

Referrals: When it comes to cases that, due to their complexity or severity, need to be referred to other institutions, the Clínica del Pueblo has established referral agreements with other health institutions that have provided opportune, complementary and timely medical attention, which include life saving technology and possibilities for each patient.

Family dormitory:In spite of  the clinic’s limitations, we intend for every person who accesses our services  to have a place where they can stay free of charge. The clinic has a dormitory on the property for families who need a pace to stay during treatment, and occasionally food is also provided to those in need.

A Clinic linked to the community:This institution is not an isolated entity. On the contrary, to have the conceptual elements, the practice of primary care oriented towards the health of the whole community, as well as engagement of the community; the clinic create a direct link to the community through  the Community Health program, which approaches community health through various strategies, including to direct contact in the spaces where beneficiaries live.